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Blocking International Buyers

In order to block some or all buyers located outside of the US, you must configure two separate settings: Buyer Requirements and the eBay Shipping Details section of the Sell Your Item page.

Step 1: Set your Buyer Requirements Globally (for all your listings)

Go to My eBay > Account (tab) > and select: "Site Preferences."
Click on the "show" link for "Buyer Requirements"
Click on the Edit link
Check the boxes for
"Buyers in countries to which I don't ship" and "Apply above settings to active and future listings."
Click the "Submit" button.

Step 2. Set the Sell Your Item form

To block all international buyers, go to the section for "Give buyers shipping details" and  make sure you are changing the default setting for "International Shipping" to "No International Shipping" (You must manually do this for every listing. I have reported this to our shipping team as a needed change - setting the default to "no international shipping")

To block some international buyers, select the "flat" or "calculated" option from the drop down box. Then check the boxes for each country or geographic location to which you will ship. Note: In the fall of 2009, eBay will enhancing these options by providing more individual country choices (i.e.. each country in Europe, etc).

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eBay University, eBay's educational road show, is on indefinite hiatus. If you need or want to attend an eBay class, why not look for a qualified eBay Education Specialist in your area. Education Specialists are trained, experienced eBay sellers who also teach others how to use eBay from the basics to business consulting. Our Specialist Directory is searchable by  zip code.


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$31,857.50 on Feb-16-03



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Bennington EAGLE FLAG c1876 Norton Crock  $37,877.77

Sold on: July-28-2002

This may be a record eBay price for American stoneware at eBay. 

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